Willian Fox Talbot

Doing a research I found a nice information about the origin of photography. The word “photography” was introduced to the world by John Frederick William Herschel in a work called “Note on the Art of photography”, in 1839. This paper mentioned the photograph terms “negative” and “positive” in a reference to the inventions of Willian Fox Talbot. Talbot was the pioneer in the creation of three photographic elements: developing, fixing and printing. He discovered, by accident, that an image can be fixed in a paper even after a low exposure time.  Using a chemical solution to develop a film into a negative, he removed the light-sensitive silver from a film enabling people to see the image in a bright light and print the photograph in a paper from the negative. This process was called ‘Calotype’  and was patented in 1841.

Before this brief research I never have read or heard about Willian Talbot. I select some images that he took in 1894 to put here.





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