Last week I decided to test, for the first time, the pinhole option in my Lomo camera Diana F+. Amazing experience. I really like the fact that is a medium format camera and the aperture is the biggest one of pinhole cameras: F135. I found online some exposure guide to help me and was really useful. Some people build their own pinhole cameras using household materials, such as cans or boxes. I never tried, but there are a lot of online tutorials. Seems easy to do it and very cheap as well. This is the exposure guide of my Diana, I downloaded from Lomography website:


To do my experimental I used the Film Ilford HP5. This is my first shoot, at Hampstead Park. The day was cloudy so I decided to use a tripod and press the shutter for 10 seconds. Instead of other analog cameras, the shutter of this is totally manual, similar to the bulb mode of digital/analog equipment. I struggled to measure the exposure time by myself but if think it will be better with practice.

Camille BW067

This one I did at home. My room was totally dark, only with a candle light in front of my bed. The film was exposed for approximately one hour. I moved myself during the exposure time to give this ghost effect and I loved the result. I forgot to remove the lens of the camera, so the image is a bit cropped. Another problem that I had was to scroll the film. These toy cameras are not perfect, so sometimes they do not work properly. My images were exposed over the others, looking like a big panorama. It wasn’t suppose to be like that, but there is no way to control what happens inside of the equipment. Overall, I liked the quality of the images and was really enjoyable to play with pinhole mode. The results were different from what I was expecting. However, I enjoyed the feeling of doing something that I don’t know how will look like in the end.
Camille BW072


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